Automate your MBO process without much fuss

Aurochs MBO Manager facilitates objectives ratings and approval process while removing the need for manual tracking using excel spreadsheets and emails. It ensures high adherence to process timelines with configurable notifications.


After using Aurochs for 3 cycles, Clients Averaged:


Reduction in objectives management time

Saves set-up, manual notifications and workflow time


Better communication across levels

2-way communication channel to support ongoing coaching


Improvement in MBO process transparency

Better objectives ownership & MBO rating alignment


Improvement in MBO process timeline adherence

Automated notifications and timely personalized reminders


Working with Aurochs team has been a pleasure as they know the business very well and there was no need of long explanations on processes/calculations. They were very responsive, came up with suggestions for improvement where needed and showed a lot of operational readiness and can-do attitude if desired features weren't part of the tool yet.

Leading Global Biotechnology company Sales Operation Manager

Aurochs team is very responsive, they deliver high quality in design and calculating payout schemes. They always run checks and throughout the pilot they informed me in case of any discrepancy they found in SIP calculations. Aurochs were able to implement our requirements in a short period of time. All in all I would work with Aurochs on the long run because they save time and increase quality in SIP process.

Leading lobal Biotechnology company EU Business Analytics & Insights Manager

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