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Sales incentive payout curves
Commercial Excellence

Different types of sales incentive payout curves explained

During a highly fluid and uncertain global business situation it’s imperative for businesses to design their payout curves right. Basis of the nature of business and markets we operate in there are different types of curves that do justify every sales reps performance. This article walks you through different types of payout curves and helps you choose the best one for your business.

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design incentive payout curve
IC plan design

How to design your incentive payout curve?

A traditional incentive payout curve delivers different payout amounts for performance between minimum (threshold) level of performance and excellence (“superior” or “stretch”) level of performance. Usually, a curve is designed with additional elements such as threshold, target slope, excellent slopes and Cap to pay out 100% of an employee’s incentive opportunity on achieving the target. This article walks you through on ways of accounting these elements while designing your payout curve right.

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