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Clinical Testing

Evolution of Clinical Trials – Part III

Continuing with our analysis of clinical trials, in this blog we have focused on two important aspects of this area i.e the enrollment rates, covering the reasons for the change in the share of enrollments in particular therapeutic areas over the decade and its trends in recent years. Another important aspect is the status of trials being conducted in a particular therapeutic area with the reasons for changes that occurred.

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Clinical Testing

Clinical Trials: Profound Insight into Top 5 Therapeutic Areas

Clinical Trials have evolved over time in many aspects. The extensive use of modern tools available has helped in increasing the rate at which the trials are being conducted in recent years. There have been an evolution in the techniques being used and the major areas of focus. Where the major focus used to be only Oncology, Respirology etc., now researchers have increased the range of trials and infiltrated into new Therapeutic areas. The Blog gives us insight into the top 5 such Therapeutic areas which were in the limelight over the past decade.

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Open Payments – A critical cog that ties Healthcare manufacturers with providers

Open Payments, managed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is a national disclosure program that promotes a more transparent and accountable health care system. Open Payments houses a publicly accessible database of payments that reporting entities, including drug and medical device companies, make to covered recipients like physicians and Teaching Hospitals. These payments may include consulting fees, research grants, travel reimbursements, and payments made from the industry to medical practitioners.

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Clinical Testing

Clinical Trials and their Evolution

Clinical trials are organized exploration studies to decide if a clinical treatment, device, or system is suitable and safe to be applied to humans. This blog focuses on the overall change in the scenario of the clinical trials space since the beginning of the previous decade (2010-2020) and insights from the past three years(2017-2020). Additionally, there is some light shed on the major changes happening in different therapeutic areas, no of trials, enrollment rates, and distribution of trials across countries.

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design incentive payout curve
IC plan design

How to design your incentive payout curve?

A traditional incentive payout curve delivers different payout amounts for performance between minimum (threshold) level of performance and excellence (“superior” or “stretch”) level of performance. Usually, a curve is designed with additional elements such as threshold, target slope, excellent slopes and Cap to pay out 100% of an employee’s incentive opportunity on achieving the target. This article walks you through on ways of accounting these elements while designing your payout curve right.

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