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Aurochs Safety Checklist
Incentive Operations

Safety & Hygiene Essentials for Incentive Operations

There are Safety and Hygiene essentials that should be implemented at both the strategic and tactical levels to increase the overall efficacy of your sales incentive operations administration. These Safety and Hygiene standards contribute to lower operating costs, higher net selling time, and increased top-line revenue, as well as affecting the overall plan and its capacity to accomplish strategic business goals.

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Compensation Plans

Why Your Sales Incentive Program Isn’t Working

Incentive plans have the potential to raise morale and increase job satisfaction, thereby increasing your business’ sales growth and profit. However, some sales incentives do not work. This article will walk you through the reasons why sales incentive programs fail and how you can solve these problems.

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Incentive Compensation

7 Benefits Of Effective Roster Management

Are you still using excel spreadsheets to manage your employee/sales roster? Have you ever wondered about the complexities you are handling manually and the time you are spending behind it? The roster has evolved from being an employee management mechanism to a critical cog driving commercial excellence/sales operations processes like scheduling, sales force sizing, call planning, alignment, and incentive compensation management decisions.
Through this article you will get to know all about the Roster management system, it’s benefits like eligibility, operations, agility, communication and much more and things to consider for effective roster management.

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