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identify unfair sales quotas
Quota Setting

How to identify unfair sales quotas?

Why sales organizations around the world use sales quota achievement as a primary performance metric? It is because sales quotas can help provide visibility to the salesforce on the target that needs to be hit and align the sales force to broader business objectives. In addition, quota achievement

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Market potential
Quota Setting

Various market potential markers to be used during sales quota setting?

The life sciences industry is evolving quite a bit with more and more companies focusing on the research and commercialization of specialty drugs. These new product launches at times are in relatively newer areas and always brings in too many uncertainties with them. Despite of thorough market research using epidemiology techniques and availability of sophisticated forecasting tools/methodologies, it is often difficult to predict how a newer product is going to do in any particular market.

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Do & Don't
Goal Setting

Do’s and don’ts to consider while setting sales quotas?

Every incentive cycle, sales leadership and the operations teams face a difficult job of setting fair but challenging quotas. As a company, you want your sales team to meet their quotas but also push the envelope to achieve growth. Quotas play a big role in motivating sales reps to achieve broader strategic business objectives.

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