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Incentive Health Tracker

Incentive Health Manager

In-depth sales incentive plan fairness and effectiveness audit tool to perform a periodic assessment of sales incentive plans performance using descriptive summary statistics, comparisons to standard industry benchmarks, and visualizations. Includes performance bias analysis, geospatial analysis, weight balance analysis, outlier analysis, and top performer performance analysis.

Key Features

Benchmark plan performance parameters

Tracking industry-standard plan performance metrics and comparing them to configurable benchmarks to evaluate the competitiveness of the sales incentive plan

Analyze salesforce engagement indexes

Evaluate salesforce engagement indexes to analyze if payouts are aligned with national product performance and if salesforce is meaningfully engaged

Integrated geospatial visualizations

Visualize performance on geographical maps to visually depict the performance outliers at the regional level

Evaluate regional performance

Regional performance analysis to analyze biases based on average payouts when compared to the actual region performance

Understand fairness bias

Component level pay fairness analysis based on historical performance markers and current achievement


Embedded framework to define benchmarks

Configurable benchmarks for plan effectiveness performance measurement. Enables comparisons with current plan performance

Integrated data management

Calculate any new non-standard performance metrics for evaluation if desirable. Automate the calculation for ongoing analysis

Configurable dashboard framework

Configurable dashboards using visual libraries to align with existing sales incentive plan design. Allows for a high level of interactivity as well

Configurable dashboard framework

Drill down of visualizations and performance to perform outlier analysis and quickly identify reasons

Performance frontier paradigm

Top performer analysis to evaluate selling trends of top performers and identify patterns that can be shared with others in the salesforce

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Automate your incentives in 6 weeks.

Automate your incentives in 6 weeks.