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MBO Manager

MBO Manager

Self-service configurable platform to set, track rate, and approve non-sales-based subjective KPIs by leveraging defined guard rails along with built-in discussion / commenting capability. Configure objective setting, rating, and reporting features and vary them by division/salesforce with their desired hierarchy and approval workflow.


Key Features

Personalized objective setting

Personalized objective setting

Enables qualitative objective setting at the individual level within a set framework with the additional capability to bulk to define objectives for the selected group if desired

Configurable rating framework

Configurable rating framework

Define an objective rating system, and approval workflow to align with organizational goals and guidelines

Multi-layered objective evaluation

Process-driven evaluation workflow

An embedded multi-layered objective evaluation framework that can be configured to define the steps and the constraints

setting timeline management

Objective process timeline management

Configurable objective setting timeline with an integrated notification approach to ensure high adherence to defined timelines


Life science ready incentive platform

Built-in tracking and validation framework to ensure high adherence and timely completion of the process

Configurable hierarchy exception management

Hierarchy management and interim manager delegation to account for leaves and any other last-minute HR exceptions

Embedded 2-way communication channel

Self-review with built-in collaboration to ensure 2-way communication. Constant guidance, coaching, and feedback ensure no end-period surprises

Configurable guidelines for notifications

Configurable reminders and notifications to ensure that the process is completed on time

One-stop objective process management

Embedded admin dashboard for objective process management and to view the performance of reporting reps on one screen

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Automate your incentives in 6 weeks.

Automate your incentives in 6 weeks.