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Quota Manager

Quota Manager

National quota allocation, modeling, analysis, and management tool with built-in life sciences focused target setting methodologies. It allows you to set achievable and fair targets across geographies using a variety of sales and non-sales-based potential factors. In addition, it enables the application of caps & floors to improve the quality of goals for outliers. Business users can also iteratively model and analyze with pre-built analysis, bias checks, and statistics and compare performance across model configurations.

Key Features

Use non-sales-based potential factors

Business users can incorporate a variety of potential gauging factors outside of the sales ecosystem such as marketing spend, key accounts, patient demographics, # of specialized physicians, etc.

Integrated forecast scenario modeling

Allocate national quotas to underlying geographies based on different performance scenarios such as optimist, realist, pessimist, etc.

Embedded ML-based sales trending methodology

Trend geography level sales for individual products using embedded machine learning frameworks with the option to select platform identified best methodology or manual selection

Language localization

Localize language on the platform for easy understanding of the flow for non-native English users

Built-in fairness analysis framework

Evaluate the quality of allocated quotas based on historical period testing and visually analyze performance across modeled scenarios using historical performance markers such as historical product volume, market volume, etc.


Easy-to-use consultative process workflow

Configurable quota allocation using a workflow that empowers business users to model different scenarios without having to rely on external consultants

Embedded ML-based trending algorithms

Embedded sales trending parameter for modeling to account for individual geographical level adoption variations

Configurable parameters to manage outliers

Configurable historical periods, caps, and floors to manage outliers and ensure that quota distribution is aligned with organizational goals

Integrated quota refinement workflow

Integrated rule-based quota refinement to ensure that an appropriate quota set is available across desired hierarchy levels for zero-sum changes within pre-configured constraints

Integrated data management engine

Automate the flow of sales and non-sales-based parameters for quota allocation at the desired periodic frequency

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Automate your incentives in 6 weeks.

Automate your incentives in 6 weeks.